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Medical One Year XII Studying Program Details

Medical Classroom Program (12th Class  Students Appearing in NEET/AIIMS 2020)

This course requires intensive and detailed training, tutorials and remedial classes, doubt clearance classes, motivational classes and also the final grilling for students after the boards. We cover the entire syllabus and strictly adhere to the NCERT norms and sequence to make sure that the student’s study from recommended books and study material. We have a well-designed course structure to accommodate half-yearly, pre-board, practical and final board exams. This helps the students to do well in the boards and simultaneously prepare for the medical entrance.

Eligibility and Duration:

The eligibility is Class 11th  Passed.

This program has been structured for the students of class 12th. This class room program will be supported by comprehensive study material, test assignment and topic wise test practice paper.


The admission of the student is through admission cum scholarship test. The test is conducted from the syllabus of class 11th subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry & Biology. The duration of the test is 1 hour. The exam will contain 60 objective type questions (MCQ).


Weekdays No. of Days No. of Hours
Mon/Wed/Fri 3 Days 3 Hours Each Day
Sat/Sun 2 Days 5 Hours Each Day


All the important topics from the Class 12th will be taken to ensure good preparation. Regular test, mock-tests, practice papers will be given for formative assessment. The course is divided into 6 phases. 

  • Stage 1st

Before starting with the actual syllabus for class 12th the concepts which are important are taken up from lower classes to give a better understanding of the subjects, this comes in very handy and is very useful for further concept building. For example, Biology tools, Basic Bio.

  • Stage 2nd

In this phase, 50% of the syllabus is covered of the 12th standard. This phase helps in developing the confidence of the students. The pace is slow and easy basically to make the learners understand and aware of all the basic concepts. Motivational and guidance classes are also given to the students.

  • Stage 3rd

Remaining 50% of the class 12th standard portion and syllabus will be completed and fully covered in this phase. The idea is to complete the entire portion before the Pre-Board exams for the students to prepare well in advance. This helps the students to get good marks.

  • Stage 4th

During this phase, it becomes very important for a student to understand and be aware of the important questions which can be asked in the competition. So, in this phase, we connect our students with the important topics which are important and integral from the competition point of view for our students to excel.

  • Stage 5th

A complete syllabus will be revised in this phase for the students to score high marks in the board exams. All the necessary help in the form of question papers, mock-tests, last 10-year question papers, guidebooks, solved question papers etc. This helps the students to get very high marks and excel in the board exams, also preparing them for medicals at the same time.

  • Stage 6th

In this phase, we have planned a very comprehensive design which is very exhaustive and covers all the aspects. Of course, the time devoted is more as it has to cover all the important topics from a competition point of view. PMT level mock-tests papers are given are revised continuously to boost and enhance the morale and confidence of our students.